124.405 MHz

N53 9'40" W007 16'5"


  • Benfield Aerodrome is located 3nm West of Portarlington in Class G Airspace
  • Elevation 260 ft AMSL
  • Designator EIBF
  • Runway 03/21 (Grass)
  • Benfield Aerodrome has one runway 503m x 20m, delineated by white runway edge markers. Markers at right angles to and adjoining the end lateral markers indicate the runway thresholds/ends off the usable runway.
  • The primary aircraft parking area is on the grass in front of the Hangar. Aircraft should be parked as far back from the runway as practicable.
  • All circuits to the East i.e. Right Hand off runway 03, Left Hand off runway 21
  • If possible when departing runway 21, pilots are requested to make an early left turn when crossing the aerodrome boundary to avoid local houses and continue initial climb over the forrest to the southeast. If unable to comply, follow the prescribed tracks in the diagrams below. 
  • Benfield Airfield is FunFly Aerosports Flying Club aircraft only, please contact the Aerodrome Accountable Manager with any queries.

Aerodrome Layout

Runway 03 Departure Routing

Runway 21 Departure Routing (If unable to complete early left turn)