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EI-GUZ (Training Aircraft)

EI-GUZ joined the club in early 2021 and has an MTOW of 600kg. It’s identical to the other training aircraft in the fleet. It is fitted with a Mode S Transponder, 8.33 kHz compliant radio and iPad SkyDemon navigation. It has a Y stick control and adjustable seats.

All hours flown on this aircraft can be credited towards the revalidation by experience requirements of an EASA SEP and an EASA LAPL. This specific aircraft can also be used for the one hour instructional flight required to revalidate an EASA SEP or an EASA LAPL once flown with an Instructor holding the relevant EASA Instructor Certificate.

Bookings on this aircraft can be made using the Online Booking link above. Further information including aircraft and equipment manuals is available to all members from the Members Area link above. Pilots wishing to fly this aircraft must hold a LAPL licence or higher. It’s not possible to fly this aircraft on a Microlight licence.

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