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EI-ICP (450KG)

EI-ICP was just the second Savannah S to be imported into Ireland and arrived in late 2018. It has a very appropriate registration and when not being flown by the club it is also available as the demonstrator for the Savannah S in Ireland for our sister company FunFly Aerosports. FunFly Aerosports are the official agent for ICP Savannah and Ventura aircraft in Ireland and the UK.

EI-ICP is registered as a microlight and has an MTOW of 450kgs. This particular aircraft is fitted with dual sticks which some pilots feel more comfortable with. In this configuration, the outboard throttle on the right hand side is moved to the central position. This is great for the left hand seat pilot as it gives you the option of Left Hand Throttle, Right Hand Stick or Right Hand Throttle, Left Hand Stick. The limitation with this option is that adjustable seats cannot be fitted. Like the other two club aircraft, it is fitted with a Mode S Transponder, 8.33 kHz compliant radio and iPad SkyDemon navigation. All hours flown on this aircraft can be credited towards the revalidation by experience requirements of an EASA SEP and an EASA LAPL.

Bookings on this aircraft can be made using the Online Booking link above. Further information including aircraft and equipment manuals is available to all members from the Members Area link above.

Cockpit of EI-ICP. Note the different position of the right throttle

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