Join the Club

Join the Club

The objective of FunFly Aerosports Flying Club is to give members access to affordable flying and flight training in the Leinster Area on modern Savannah S aircraft. We are based at Limetree Airfield outside Emo, just off the M7, less than an hour’s drive from Dublin.


Membership to the club is open to pilots with current flying licences and those wishing to learn to fly. We offer two flight training options that are aimed at pilots who would like to fly for fun, the National LAPL and the National PPL(A).

Annual Membership  €250
Dual Flight Training (incl. pre/post flight briefings)€130 per hour
Self Fly €100 per hour
Ground Briefings (Long Briefings)€30 per hour

Annual membership runs from 1st July to 30th June. Members joining throughout the year will be charged membership on a prorated basis. If you’re interested in joining, download the membership form here, and get in touch with us to organise a visit to the club facilities. Payment for membership and flying is by Cash, Debit/Credit Card or EFT.

Pilots joining with an existing licence will require a club checkout. If you’re current and experienced on the Savannah (or equivalent) this should take no more than about 40 minutes. If you’re not current or have no experience with the Savannah S (or equivalent) it may take a few hours. Our online course will ensure that you are well prepared before you go flying so you can take the maximum benefit from the check flight.

Student members who complete their training with us are more than welcome to continue to fly with us as self-fly members.

Reasons to Join the Club

  • The most affordable self-fly rates in the country
  • Fly the modern ICP Savannah S aircraft
  • Members get access to the members area which includes;
    • Access to all manuals
    • eLearning presentations for students learning to fly
    • Savannah S eLearning conversion course
    • Access to mock exams for students
    • Reference library with lots of videos and useful documents
  • All aircraft equipped with Mode S transponders
  • All aircraft equipped with 8.33kHz radios
  • Access to aircraft with MTOW of 450kg and 600kg (to suit all licences)
  • Electronic booking system
  • Outstanding STOL performance
  • Great club atmosphere
  • Access to club social events throughout the year
  • Group Fly-Outs
  • 1 Dedicated Ab-Initio training aircraft

Download the membership form by clicking here

Limetree Airfield

Limetree is a grass strip just outside Emo that is home to approximately 30 aircraft stored in two large hangers. It has one grass runway (01/19) that is just over 400 metres long. This may sound short to some pilots who are used to flying older ‘Group A’ but with a takeoff distance of less than 100 metres, it’s more than sufficient for the Savannah S. The airfield is centrally located in Class G airspace which is ideal for training.

The Clubhouse and Hangars at Limetree Airfield