PPL Starter Pack




PPL Starter Pack including:

  • Set of Air Pilot Manuals Books 1-4 and 6-7
  • BTT200A Q&A Examination Preparation Books 1-9
  • NLB010 Pooleys – Private Pilot Log Book
  • FAA200 ASA – E6-B Flight Computer – Aluminium
  • NPP010 Protractor, 5″ PP-1
  • NCB011 Pooleys KneeBoard, CB-1R Rigid
  • NNM020 NM-2 16″ Scale Ruler 1:500,000/1:250,000
  • AFC080 FC-8 Pooleys Blue Pilot’s Flight Bag
  • IAA Aeronautical Chart 1:500,000
  • EHD303B Pooleys Passive Headset-Black earcups Gel Ear Seal Twin Plugs+ black headset bag

Note: this price includes all VAT and import duty as most of the products come from the UK.