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The objective of FunFly Aerosports Flying Club is to give members access to affordable flying in the Leinster Area on modern Savannah S aircraft. As a club, we aim to keep our costs to a minimum so you can enjoy flying modern aircraft at an affordable rate.

Thanks to recent changes to EASA regulations, hours logged an all three of our aircraft can be used towards the revalidation requirements of your EASA SEP rating and EASA LAPL. Flying with FunFly is an affordable and fun way to keep your licence current.

When you join the club, you will need to complete a check flight. We’ll provide you with access to the POH, Checklists and other information prior to the flight so that you can be as prepared as possible and keep the costs to a minimum. For pilots who have recently completed training or have no experience with high performance aircraft, it may take several flights to achieve the completion standard. For those experienced and current on aircraft similar to the Savannah it should take no more than an hour.

After that, you’ll be able to book 7 days a week on our electronic booking system. We actively encourage members to take the aircraft and visit other airfields around the country. With fantastic STOL performance, the Savannah opens up almost every airfield in the country to explore.

Buddy Flying

We also actively encourage buddy flying where you take the aircraft away to a destination with another club member and split the flying. This has the effect of giving you the same amount of flying for half the price. As the passenger you can also learn from your buddy and become a better pilot.

Regular Fly-Outs

The club, along with other pilots based at Clonbullogue, regularly fly-out to other airfields and events throughout the year. This is the perfect opportunity for new and inexperienced pilots to tag along in a club aircraft. It opens up lots of new destinations that you may not usually go to yourself.

What licence do I need to have?

Almost all licences on Single Engine Piston aircraft or microlights are valid to fly FunFly aircraft but if you’re not sure get in touch with us and we can let you know. You may want to review the IAA Aeronautical Notice P21 if you have a licence issued overseas or Aeronautical Notice P24 if you hold an EASA licence

If you would like to join FunFly Aerosports Flying Club, get in touch and we can send you a membership form and organise a visit to show you around our facilities.  

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